Putting All Chem Drivers’ Safety First with the Smith System

Drivers are Certified in Crash-Avoidance Driver Safety Program

At All Chemical, we make a habit of staying ahead of the curve in terms of safety with our liquid trucking company. We didn’t wait for the electronic log or ELD mandates to get handed down to us; instead, we became one of the early adopters.

When it comes to highway safety, we’re committed to achieving the highest standards in excellence. That’s just who we are. We’re already attaining and surpassing industry safety benchmarks for liquid bulk transportation companies.

And that’s why we made sure 100% of our drivers took the Smith System DriverDirect™ training course over the past 12 months.

All Chemical’s on the Job: The Need for Crash Prevention
Crashes are a serious issue in our industry. In Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s most recent Crash Facts report, large trucks accounted for 4,444 fatal crashes and 101,000 injury crashes. Statistics like these are what convinced the founder of the Smith System, Harold Smith, of the industry’s need for a comprehensive professional driver training program, which he instituted in 1952.

We knew we’d be giving our drivers the best when we made the Smith System course mandatory at All Chemical. Their safety training has won international acclaim; tens of thousands of drivers go through the program annually, including those in many of the Fortune 500 companies that consider All Chemical their preferred carrier.

“It was a no-brainer,” said Don Wrege, the Director of Safety & Maintenance at All Chemical who launched the program. “The training saves lives, prevents property damage, protects the public, enhances our drivers’ careers, and gives our customers much-deserved peace of mind. Everybody wins.”

Crash Prevention Training: What’s in the Course?
Every one of our drivers is required to become certified in the 5-principals of Smith System crash-avoidance driver safety program. The program gives us our template to strive toward zero losses in motor vehicle accidents and injuries. Our drivers must take this training every two years to remain certified, as well as passing periodic checks by the All Chemical Driver Trainer, who is a Smith System Driver Direct certified trainer. In this way, we are regularly instilling in our drivers the crash-prevention skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that everyone reaches their destinations safely.

The course encompasses a classroom component (2–2.5 hours) and a behind-the-wheel component (4.5–5 hours). In the classroom, drivers learn the proven Smith5Keys® philosophy, followed by a presentation in forward motion, backing, and parking crash prevention methods, and an explanation of recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) highway statistics. Quizzes to support retention are given.

Then each driver takes to the road for a series of observation drives and an instructor demonstration drive, complete with personalized coaching, backing and parking exercises, and blind area demonstrations. Once finished, drivers must pass an on-road quiz and final evaluation. 

When it comes to highway safety, we at All Chemical are ahead of the game, and we plan to remain so. Read more about our transportation services and our stellar safety record and reach out to us to discuss your ongoing chemical transportation needs today!

About All Chemical
Family-owned and operated since 1978, All Chemical manages every aspect of your company’s liquid bulk transportation.

From transportation and delivery to kosher-certification to tank wash, All Chem provides tanker and container transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials through the continental U.S. and Canada.

About Smith System
Smith System is the trusted global leader in crash-avoidance driver safety training. Since 1952, millions of drivers have benefited from the proven Smith System philosophy: The Smith5Keys®. Today, Smith System trains drivers around the world, including drivers from more than half of Fortune 500 fleets. And with a vast eLearning library and fleet management tools, Smith System supports companies with all their driver and workplace safety needs.

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