Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use All Chemical for Our Bulk Liquid Chemical Transportation?

When you partner with All Chemical, you deal with one company and one point of contact from start to finish. Since 1978, we have been a family owned and operated business. We are industry leaders, innovators, and adopters of new technology and services. Safety and compliance are important to us, and we have a Satisfactory rating from the Department of Transportation (DOT).

We own a large fleet of DOT coded tankers and ISO chassis and maintain our own equipment, greatly reducing downtime and costly delays without compromising safety. Our truck drivers are required to complete rigorous training in equipment operation and handling of hazardous chemicals.

We control every aspect of bulk liquid transportation in our tankers, from the moment you contact us until the job is complete. Whether you require specialized equipment, a specific type of wash, or steaming at a precise temperature, you’ll have one point of contact instead of juggling multiple vendor relationships.


What is the easiest way to contact All Chemical?

For general inquiries or quote requests, use our contact form.

For specific questions, call us at 800-451-2436, Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

If you wish to learn more about All Chemical, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn.


Are you experiencing truck driver shortages with COVID-19?

The trucking industry is no stranger to the upheaval of the pandemic. However, we employ high-quality CDL truck drivers in it for the long haul. The industry average turnover rate is 80-90%, but our rate over the past 12 months is 5%. We offer competitive pay, healthcare, and retirement benefits. We’re dedicated to our truck drivers, and they’re dedicated to us, which means stability for our customers.


Are you expanding your Lakewood, NJ facility?

We are! As a well-known and trusted liquid bulk transportation company, we already offer customers a wide array of services. But we are always seeking to improve and increase them. The new construction means we can boast an even greater storage and wash rack capacity than we have in the past, including ISO container storage pads, 16 more steam stations, doubling our wash rack bays and an upgraded wastewater treatment system. With these updates, we can deliver better outcomes while simultaneously offering the capacity to handle larger volumes than most other liquid bulk transportation companies—and all our well known high safety standards!


How do your truck drivers stay safe on the road?

With all of our drivers successfully completing the Smith System driver training, we’re continually reinforcing crash-prevention skills and knowledge to demonstrate our commitment to responsible driving. The Smith System safety training has won international acclaim, and tens of thousands of drivers go through the program annually.  We also have periodic driver safety training both in-person and online to keep updated on the latest industry trends.


All Chemical’s services include:

Transportation Services
ISO/Intermodal Containers
Tank Washing
Kosher-Certified Product Transportation
Tank Leasing