Steaming | Chemical Wash | Diesel Wash | Food-Grade Wash | Kosher-Certified Wash

One of the most valuable aspects of working with All Chemical is that you don’t have to work with a separate vendor for tank or container cleaning. By partnering with All Chem, you can save time and money and avoid multiple invoices for a single move.

We offer several different kinds of washes at our Lakewood, NJ headquarters.

In addition to a standard chemical wash, we offer food-grade washes for clients and products that require it. As a Kosher-certified carrier and facility, All Chemical can provide a Kosher-grade wash that can upgrade a tank to Kosher-certified, as well as Kosher maintenance washes. If a tanker has been out of Kosher service, the “re-Kosherization” cleaning process can upgrade the tanker back into Kosher service.

All Chemical owns and operates two steam boilers that are capable of steaming any tanker or ISO/Inter-modal container. This ensures that we have the capacity and redundancy to clean and heat equipment without disrupting your project timeline. We also provide a diesel wash service that uses highly specialized equipment and cleaning agents to clean any heavy, oil-based product.

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