Construction Updates: Expanding Our Capacity to Better Serve You

How We Are Updating Our Wash Rack Services and ISO Container Storage

By Anthony Coruccini, Chief Operating Officer

If you’ve been past our Lakewood facility recently, you might have wondered to yourself, What on earth’s making all that racket?

What you’re hearing are the sounds of expansion. In a nutshell, we’ve been hard at work increasing our wash rack, storage, and processing capacity here at All Chemical.

What’s the New Construction All About?

As a well-known and trusted liquid bulk transportation company, All Chemical already offers customers a wide array of services. But we are always seeking to improve and increase them. The new construction means we can boast an even greater storage and wash rack capacity than we have in the past:

  • 4 new ISO container storage pads
  • 16 more steam stations
  • 2 more wash rack bays
  • An updated filtration system

New ISO Container Storage Pads

Well in advance of a secondary containment requirement mandate from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), we have added four separate, distinct container storage pads to our facility.

These pads are designed to achieve a storage capacity of 900 loaded ISO containers, which falls within the NJDEP’s 2022 product storage guidelines for liquid bulk transportation companies like ours. The goal is to prevent discharge from occurring—and to minimize negative effects on the environment if it does occur.


Additional Steam Stations

Our steam services are already stellar, and with the new construction, we’ve taken stellar to legendary levels, increasing the number of steam stations at our facility from 35 to 51. This means we can put over fifty containers out on a steam, able to accommodate unique steam requests—even short notice, weekend, and off-hour projects. This level of service is practically unheard of in the liquid bulk transportation market.

Wash Rack Bays

We’ve added two additional wash rack bays, increasing our capacity even further. Our customers turn to us time and time again because they know All Chemical is a one-stop-shop for liquid bulk transportation. We seamlessly pair steam services with interior tank and container washing for unbelievable all-around convenience.


New Filtration System

We’re also updating our wastewater processing, which will allow us to wash far more products than the already substantial amount we do now.

To understand the significance of this upgrade, let’s take a moment to cover All Chemical’s current ultrafiltration system. Systems like these push the product through a membrane of heavy, woven material that filters small particulates, bacteria, and other undesirable contaminants. Once through the membrane, the resulting waste stream goes to the sewer.

All Chemical’s current system outputs product with almost zero particulates—but the system only works on water-soluble materials.

Now, the new system uses diffused air filtration (DAF), and it is not limited by water-solubility. It removes suspended solids, oils, and other contaminants via the use of air bubble flotation.


What does all this mean for you, the customer? In essence, it means we can deliver better outcomes while simultaneously offering the capacity to handle larger orders than most other liquid bulk transportation companies—and all at the same high safety standards we at All Chemical are known for.

So, if you’ve got any large orders incoming, we’re ready for them! Contact us today to discuss your needs with us and discover for yourself how our upgrades can serve you and your customers.