An Insider’s Look at All Chemical’s Tank Leasing Services

At All Chemical, we’re a customer-first bunch, and that means there is no job that we can’t, won’t, or don’t do! (In our industry, that is. We don’t do your taxes or anything.) From washing and steaming to storage and leasing, our valued customers need look no further for all their bulk liquid transportation needs.

You may already be familiar with our tank washing and steaming here at All Chemical. Maybe you’ve experienced our services firsthand, or perhaps you’ve read our behind-the-scenes look at our steaming and washing processes.

Since we have such a large fleet, we also offer tank leasing services!

How Tank Leasing Works

It begins when we receive your call inquiring about leasing a trailer. Our team then verifies the type of product you need to load onto the trailer: an essential step of due diligence, ensuring we lease you a trailer that’s compatible with your product.

We have the fleet capacity to lease to customers for a variety of loads:

  • Chemical trailers
  • Food-grade trailers
  • Kosher-Certified trailers
  • ISO Container chassis

For new customers, we’ll send you a credit application. After receiving approval, we then proceed with setting up your trailer for lease. Once we’ve verified your product, our dispatch team checks our trailer availability and assigns your trailer number.

If you’re an existing customer, we can move straight to the trailer setup, and your trailer can be ready in as little as 24–48 hours.

After the trailer setup, we dispatch a Master Lease Agreement and addendum that you sign and return to us with a COI for each leased trailer. This agreement outlines your responsibilities under the lease, while the addendum includes information about the trailer, lease terms, and cost. Lease lengths vary, from a single day to several months, a full year, or even multiple years!

Why Lease with All Chemical?

So, why choose All Chemical for your tank leasing needs? It’s simple. We offer:

  • better capacity
  • greater flexibility
  • and a more streamlined service experience.

Our fleet capacity at All Chemical is broader than most other bulk liquid transportation companies can provide. Nearly all of our trailers are DOT 407’s, which means they’re designed to transport a wide range of products. Moreover, Kosher-certified carriers like us are hard to come by, and we have the ability to lease Kosher-certified tanks. Our large fleet of FRP tankers are particularly well-suited for carrying commodities corrosive to metal.

Then there’s the flexibility you enjoy as an All Chemical customer. When leasing our trailers, you can choose from an array of pickup and return options. Those who prefer to handle the logistics themselves can collect a trailer from our main terminal in Lakewood and return it to the same location. For those preferring an even more streamlined experience, we also offer delivery services, bringing the trailer directly to your chosen job site.

When you sign with All Chemical, you’re signing on to an optimized, one-stop-shop experience. As with our washing, steaming, and storage services, our tank leasing is conducted entirely in-house, and our fleet is large enough to allow us to provide leasing services without the slightest disruption to our other operations. We eliminate multiple vendor syndrome so that you have the peace of mind that comes with a single point of contact.