Bulk Chemical Shipping: Avoid “Multi-Vendor Syndrome” and Have All Chemical Haul It

How All Chemical Hauls Customer Loads

By Anthony Coruccini, Chief Operating Officer

When you’re looking for liquid trucking companies to handle your bulk chemical shipping needs, do you fall prey to “multi-vendor syndrome”? In this industry, we see it all the time: customers contracting with several carriers to cover all their bases. They may end up losing time and money juggling multiple vendor relationships, invoices, and unnecessary transfers of product.

But “multi-vendor syndrome” is 100% preventable. Just ask our customers here at All Chemical, where our portfolio includes top Fortune 500 companies in water, power, and pharmaceuticals.

“They are able to handle our loads with absolute proficiency and superb customer service. Because of their wonderful team, our organization is held in the highest regards by our customers. Their vast industry knowledge gives us peace of mind the moment they take load possession.” 

–Logistics coordinator

We give our customers the full-service treatment, managing every aspect of their chemical transportation needs: loading, delivery, storage, washing, and equipment servicing. And we can do that for you, too. 

Bulk Chemical Shipping at All Chemical

As a full-service bulk liquid transportation company, our liquid bulk tankers can handle a broad range of loads. This incredible load capacity array is one of the standouts that keeps customers returning year after year. 

  • We’re experts in hauling for power, water, and pharmaceuticals, plus we haul loads from every category of the US bulk chemical shipping industry.
  • Our intermodal fleet means we’re equipped for safe hauling most chemicals such as hazardous, non-hazardous, specialty, inorganic, and organic. 
  • We service customers in the Northeast Corridor and east of the Mississippi, with capacity to ship throughout the continental US and parts of Canada. 

Say Goodbye to Multi-Vendor Syndrome

Life’s stressful enough without adding more for you to manage. All Chemical has the capacity, flexibility, and the expertise to serve you.  

Contact our team today to get a quote for your bulk chemical shipping needs and start breathing easy—we’ve got you covered.