Anthony Weighs In: Where Do We Stand After COVID?

By Anthony Coruccini, Chief Operating Officer

We all felt the shockwaves of the COVID-19 pandemic, in both our personal and our professional lives. Every industry, bulk liquid transport included, experienced drastic change in the face of uncertainty.

Now, in the pandemic’s aftermath, the time has come to ask ourselves: Where do we stand now? What have we learned, and what will we take with us as we forge a new path forward?

Answering the Question by Looking Back

No one could have foreseen the pandemic’s outbreak. However, we started implementing tactics pre-pandemic that carried us through the height of COVID, and these tactics have become routine in our everyday bulk liquid transport business practices. When listening to our customers, we found they shared a growing need for a reliable and stable carrier. From there, we identified and strengthened a stable source of revenue: our on-site container storage.

Answering the Question by Looking Forward

COVID may have prompted us to ask this question. But as it turns out, the answer still applies—even after the pandemic has passed. In the world of sports, an error made during the playoffs is magnified more than a regular game.

For us at All Chemical, every day is now the playoffs.

Fast forward to the present moment, and the landscape has drastically changed. We’re not looking at high demand and labor shortages anymore. Volumes and capacity are volatile. However, we are maintaining a steady capacity to accommodate for this predicted volatility. My advice?

Return to your core values as a company.

This got us through the pandemic, and it still guides us today. We are an innovative, customer-focused bulk liquid transport company with some of the highest safety and service standards around. This, then, is what we’ll be doing:

  • Keeping our ears to the ground and being willing to pivot when necessary.
  • Stretching beyond our comfort zones to accommodate our customers.
  • Putting the customers’ needs first, always.
  • Offering services that others do not, cannot, and will not (in our case, weekend and off-hours availability).

Why? Because we know our customers have options. If we do not consistently deliver, they can easily turn to others who can carry the load. With this in mind, we focus on maintaining consistency and quality in our operations—every day.

In the bulk liquid tranport industry, where consistency can seem elusive, we strive to be the consistent factor that our customers can always rely on. This dedication to service, driven by our core values, is what helps us navigate unpredictability and continue to lead in these challenging times.

So, after the storm clears, where do we stand?

On solid ground. Firm in our values; firm in our ability to face whatever comes next.

Firm in our commitment to you.