Servicing Companies During Summer Surges

From May to August, when the A/C is on and the pressure to deliver is high, our expertise becomes even more critical. As temperatures soar and utility bills spike, water and power companies face increased operational demands. At All Chemical, we understand (and anticipate) these seasonal challenges and are committed to providing reliable and efficient support to these companies to keep essential services running smoothly. This is your behind-the-scenes guide to the types of demand we experience, and our expert levels of preparation.

Rising Resource Demand in the Heat of Summer

During the summer months, the demand for water and power surges. Public pools open, air conditioners run nonstop, and overall consumption peaks. This time frame also sees an uptick in the need for maintenance and repairs, especially for power transformers that need oil removal for disassembly and reassembly. Similarly, water companies require more process chemicals (such as fluorosilicic acid, ferric chloride, and bleach) to ensure safe and clean water supplies. We consistently observe heightened activity by our water and power customers from late spring through the height of summer. Unique requests, quick turnarounds, or specific needs… we’ve got all the tools we need to be a partner ready to jump into action.

Ensuring Employee Safety in High Temperatures

At All Chemical, we prioritize both the safety of our personnel and the integrity of the chemicals we transport.

Here’s how we manage:

  • Hydration and Cool Down Protocols: Around our terminals, we maintain hydration stations and ensure our team stays cool and hydrated, taking breaks from the heat as needed.
  • Extended Transit Times: On the road, we allow extra transit time to account for potential issues caused by the heat. This ensures a safe journey without compromising delivery schedules.

Temperature-Controlled Storage and Transport

For temperature-sensitive loads, we use advanced insulation techniques that function like a thermos, maintaining a stable temperature throughout the transport. This ensures that the chemical properties remain unaffected, even in the sweltering summer heat.

Regulatory Compliance in Extreme Heat

Compliance with regulations is non-negotiable, especially when transporting hazardous materials in extreme temperatures. We employ virgin tires—avoiding recapped tires that can fail under heat stress—and perform rigorous inspections to prevent mechanical issues. By using high-quality tires and equipment, we minimize risks associated with excessive heat.

Safety Protocols and Emergency Preparedness

Safety is our top priority. To prevent heat-related incidents:

  • Avoiding High-Risk Routes: We steer clear of notoriously congested and hot routes.
  • Enhanced Equipment Checks: Our maintenance checklists are more thorough during extreme temperatures, with a strong emphasis on tire pressure and coolant levels.
  • Flexible Delivery Schedules: We may adjust our delivery schedules as allowable by customer demand to avoid unsafe conditions and communicate changes with our customers.

Ensuring Reliable Deliveries During Peak Summer Months

High demand and challenging conditions can strain delivery schedules, but our commitment to reliability never wavers. Our customer service team works closely with our logistics department to adjust routes and schedules as needed, ensuring timely deliveries.

Why All Chemical is Your Trusted Partner in the Summer Surge

When the summer heat makes you sweat, choose a partner who can handle the increased demand with expertise and reliability. With our advanced safety protocols, meticulous equipment maintenance, and flexible delivery options, we ensure that your operations run smoothly, no matter how high the mercury climbs.

Discover the peace of mind that comes with using All Chemical for your summer transportation needs. From bulk liquid transport to comprehensive chemical management, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today – or request a quote – and let us help you navigate the summer surge with confidence!