With Safety, There Is No Compromise

Transporting liquid chemicals isn’t as simple as hauling products in boxes on a pallet. Every day, our team deals with hazardous chemicals that pose unique risks and challenges. That’s why safety is our top priority, whether we’re hauling chemicals in our tankers or your ISO containers.

Safe Handling and Transporting of Chemicals

All Chem drivers complete intense training on the handling of hazardous chemicals, wear personal protective equipment (PPE), and follow industry best practices to ensure chemicals are loaded and offloaded safely. We take the safety of our clients and our team very seriously.

Safety on the road is just as important, especially when hauling liquid chemicals. When transporting high volumes of liquid, drivers must minimize the “slosh effect,” or the movement of liquid that can cause a tanker or container to roll over. We only hire experienced tanker drivers who are then required to complete specialized training before they operate our equipment.

In-House Equipment Maintenance

Because we service and repair our own equipment, we have complete control and oversight of everything that enters and leaves our property. We don’t rely on third parties, which allows us to confirm firsthand the safety of our equipment.