Roadside Blitz: Why All Chemical’s Drivers Are Safer from Inspections

Bulk Liquid Transport Inspection Safety

By Anthony Coruccini, Chief Operating Officer

May is a busy month for liquid tanker trucking companies. In May, we see seasonality changes, increased rainfall-related hazards, higher traffic volumes, and vacations starting. And in addition, May brings the “roadside blitz”: a 72-hour mid-month period when Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspectors stop commercial truckers for a commercial truck safety inspection. These roadside inspections can mean delays for shipments.

The good news is, as a customer of All Chemical, we’ve got you covered. We continuously review our fleet of newer tractors and trailers for compliance and safety, and our stellar safety record allows agencies to pass us through without an inspection. Because we’re proactive in protecting your interests, you’ll enjoy greater protection from these delays.

How Inspections Work

A roadside commercial truck safety inspection is the primary way the DOT ensures that commercial vehicles, drivers, and carriers are operating safely. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) conducts roughly 2.5 to 3.5 million of these inspections per year in North America. A typical inspection stop can last 30 minutes or more, resulting in delivery delays (especially if the inspector finds any violations that require servicing).

That’s why this issue is top of our mind here at All Chemical this time of year. We believe in delivering as streamlined a process as possible for our customers. Where other liquid tanker trucking companies might just cross their fingers and hope for the best, we take concrete actions to avoid the need for inspection stops in the first place.

Preventing Delays with Our High Safety Standards

Our high safety standards at All Chemical are a byword, all year round. Customers know that our commitment to quality control regularly exceeds the minimum requirements in our industry. We don’t wait until an agent with a checklist is looking over our shoulder; we’re already ten steps ahead.

But for targeted inspections, we take it even further. The CVSA publicizes what vehicle safety issues they are looking for, and we study these thoroughly ahead of time so we can ensure all our drivers and vehicles are in compliance. This year, the focus is on Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and cargo securement.

As a result, our trucking transportation drivers are frequently waved through by inspectors precisely because of our established safety record. Usually, All Chemical drivers can go right past the roadside scale house where inspections take place, while drivers with other carriers are tied up in lengthy inspections procedures. Our Inspection Systems (ISS) Score ranges from 35–40, which means we’re operating at a safety standard that is higher than 65% of the trucking industry.

In addition, these roadside inspections tend to target certain areas on routes. Our familiarity with these specific areas means that our drivers are less likely to be stopped.

So, for this year’s “roadside blitz,” you can rest easy knowing that All Chemical is on the job, proactively protecting your interests and keeping the risk of shipment delays low.

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