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Creating a New Standard in Transportation

Hello Logistics & Transportation Review readers! Welcome to All Chemical! It’s nice to see you here.

All Chemical is a full-service bulk liquid and logistics transportation company based in Lakewood, NJ. We are a family-owned company, and we are celebrating our 45th year in business.

Here are some benefits to working with us.

  • We save you time and money, as we own and maintain our own equipment. This greatly reduces downtime and costly delays.
  • We give you peace of mind as we maintain the highest standards for our truck drivers with rigorous training and unparalleled safety standards.
  • We work on your timeline and manage short- and long-term requests, early morning and late-night pick-ups and drop-offs, weekend hours, and tight turnarounds.
  • We are an industry innovator, and can accommodate your custom, unique, specialty, and complex jobs.

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