Kosher-Certified Transportation at All Chemical

At our bulk liquid transport company, we take care of our people: our team and our customers.

We care about what matters to them. We tune in to their needs so that we can deliver excellent service that meets – and surpasses – their expectations.

This is the value that drove us to create our Kosher-certified transportation service offerings. For some companies, kosher services are just another market opportunity. But that’s not how we see it at All Chemical.

We recognize that kosher certification isn’t just a question of regulations—it’s also about deeply held beliefs and heritage. That matters to us, and it’s why we strive to be both knowledgeable of the requirements of high-quality Kosher-certified transportation and attuned to their crucial significance.

What Does Kosher-Certified” Entail?

Kosher certification refers to the strict requirements of kosher dietary laws for cleanliness, purity, quality, and preparation, as set forth by trusted rabbinic agencies.

When a product is marked Kosher-certified, it means that a rabbinic authority has inspected not only the product’s ingredients, but also the production facility itself—as well as every stage of actual production—to ensure that all ingredients, derivatives, tools, and machinery have no trace of non-kosher substances. As a Kosher-certified carrier, All Chemical has gone through a thorough process called kosherizing.

Under the supervision of a rabbi, our facility has been inspected to ensure that our equipment and all areas of our production lines have been cleaned and purged of non-kosher status, which can involve steaming, boiling, or even direct contact with flames.

In keeping with rabbinic protocol, this process was only completed after the equipment stood idle for at least 24 hours, followed by a rabbinical inspection.

With the Kosher-Certified symbol, consumers can be assured that all Kosher Law requirements were met or exceeded during production. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of these laws, so customers can trust that their product is in good hands with us.

Our Kosher-Certified  Bulk Liquid Transport Services

The kosher food industry represents a large portion of the world.

In North America alone, its market size is about $16 million. Worldwide, these numbers rise: the Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher—the largest, most widely recognized international kosher certification agency—certifies over one million products in more than a hundred countries around the world.

We knew we’d seek kosher certification with this best-known trademark; their standards of excellence align well with our own, after all. As a Kosher-certified carrier, All Chemical has the equipment and washing processes in place to haul any product certified as kosher.

We also offer two types of Kosher-certified washes:

  • Kosher maintenance washes
  • “Re-kosherization” washes

Our Kosher maintenance washes take tanks already in kosher service through multiple steps in a thorough cleaning process to keep them up to the highest certification standards. First, we do a 190-degree interior wash, followed by a Kosher-certified detergent and a second, thorough rinse to ensure no residue remains. After this, we steam the interior, opening the “pores” in the stainless steel to flush any residual odors out of the tank. The result? Exceptionally clean containers that are primed and ready for the next job.

Our second type of wash—the re-kosherization wash—allows us to upgrade any piece of equipment to Kosher-certified specifications. We can take tanks in non-kosher service (standard chemicals, in other words) and put them through a specific series of washes that bring them up to the strict regulatory requirements for any piece of Kosher-certified equipment. This goes for tankers or containers that have been out of kosher service for a while, too. Our thorough, Kosher-compliant washing process can return them to the Kosher-certified status they once had, rendering them ready to serve the needs of this important and robust sector.

So, if you’re planning ahead for this year’s Jewish High Holidays, or simply looking for a Kosher-certified bulk liquid transport company you can trust, contact us! We have the expertise required to deliver seamless service in the growing, vital world of Kosher-certified transportation.