Driving To Success: Jana’s Journey in Chemical Logistics

People come to the chemical logistics industry—and to All Chemical—from many backgrounds and for many different reasons. A few reasons include job security, a promising career trajectory, or more job autonomy.

In Jana Huckaby’s case, many reasons bring this bright, hardworking woman to what would soon prove to be the career of her dreams as a long-haul truck driver for All Chemical.

If you’re not familiar, a long-hauler is responsible for the efficient and safe transportation of goods across long distances, often across many state lines. The job entails extensive periods of driving, often spending days, weeks, or months away from home.


Meet Jana

Before Jana became a truck driver, she worked as a customer service representative for 15 years. Soon, though, she noticed how little chance there was for upward growth. After a brief stint with cosmetology and massage therapy, Jana determined that these skill sets weren’t a fit for her.

That’s when she turned her sights to trucking.

Trucking and chemical logistics were in her blood. Jana’s grandfather owned a truck stop, and her father worked as a long-haul trucker for over 40 years. Why shouldn’t she follow in the family trade? Jana subsequently earned her CDL license, and has never looked back.

When Jana found All Chemical, she was excited by the excellent pay and benefits, which directly contribute to the company’s stunningly low turnover rate.

“Every day, I catch my eye in my rearview mirror and say, I can’t believe I get paid to do this!” Jana says, grinning. “It’s a great career, a great living. To be honest, I can’t see myself doing anything else—ever!”

A Rewarding Career

Jana is enthusiastic about the benefits of the long-haul trucker’s life, while realistic about its challenges. “I’d be the first to say this career isn’t for everyone,” she explains. Despite the freedom this job provides, there are a few unavoidable trade-offs. “I’m single, and my kids are grown. When they were younger, I couldn’t have been a long-hauler. Even now, I miss some holidays and special occasions.”

Still, the trucker’s life is the life for Jana. “For me—as someone comfortable with minimal social contact yet not a homebody—the fit is pretty near perfect,” she says. “I even sleep better in my truck than I do at home!” she adds.

Like the rest of the team at All Chemical, Jana keeps safety at the forefront of her work. “Safety is my highest priority,” she asserts. “There is nothing worth my life or the life of another person.” She always has an updated copy of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) handbook in her cab, as well as the HAZMAT guidebook, and several emergency response guidebooks. She is constantly keeping abreast of industry trends and chemical logistics regulations to ensure compliance.

This focus on safety led to one of the proudest moments in her career. “Once, from my cab, I saw a woman veer off the road in her pickup truck and hit a tree. All my safety training came rushing in, and I immediately pulled over and called 911.”

Keeping a cool head, Jana assessed the situation. The woman had been thrown partially through the windshield and would need emergency medical attention. Jana stayed with her and held her hand while both women waited for EMTs to arrive.

“She survived,” Jana says. “I was so glad I was there to help.”

Women in Transportation

While popular opinion might see truck driving as a male-centric occupation, Jana begs to differ. She believes long-haul trucking can be a great fit for women and encourages those interested in pursuing a career in chemical logistics to reach out to women drivers, or sign up for a course at a local technical school.

“It’s the best decision I ever made,” she says.

Industry trends show that plenty of women are taking Jana’s advice. Though male truck drivers still outnumber women by about 6 to 1, in recent decades, the number of women truckers in the U.S. went up by 68%. Jana thinks the best way to recruit more women truckers is for the industry to target women in their 40s and 50s whose children are grown, and who are looking for a way to spread their wings. Alternatively, there are a considerable number of women who love to drive, have an interest in travel, and are looking for a rewarding career with great pay and benefits.

Professional organizations like the non-profit Women in Trucking are a great resource for current and aspiring female truck drivers.

Though other women in chemical logistics report problems with discrimination and other gender-related issues, Jana has had only positive experiences in her eleven-year career—especially working for All Chemical.

“The industry is rough on everyone. Both female and male drivers work incredibly hard doing a rough and stressful job, hoping we make it home all over again.”

Stay tuned for more of All Chemical’s behind-the-scenes spotlights, and contact us today to discuss your ongoing chemical logistics needs! And for your next All Chemical order, Jana may be the one ensuring it arrives safely and on time!