In the Cab with Anthony: Insights & What Lies Ahead From Motive’s Innovation Summit

I’m excited to share some highlights from my recent panel attendance at Motive’s Innovation Summit in Nashville this past April. This two-day conference marked our first user conference and offered a valuable platform for industry leaders to converge, exchange insights, and chart the course for our collective future.


Our group delved into a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from economic trends to customer surveys. On the panel, I was joined by Motive’s Chief Customer Officer Ryan Plutnicki and Hamish Woodrow, Director of Strategic Analytics. Chief Economist Phil Levy and Thomas Wasson, Enterprise Trucking Expert at FreightWaves, rounded out the group.

One pivotal question addressed was how the tumultuous waves of the post-COVID era have impacted businesses like ours. We shared our journey through the peaks and troughs, from the frenetic rush to meet the soaring demand for sanitation products to the subsequent recalibration as markets stabilized.

Technology emerged as a cornerstone of our strategy for navigating these shifting tides. We spotlighted our utilization of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), not merely as a theoretical concept but as a tangible tool driving efficiency across our operations. With 17 distinct processes seamlessly integrated into our workflows, from paperwork matching to financial reporting, we’re embracing innovation to stay agile in a dynamic market.

Looking ahead, uncertainty looms large, particularly in the lead-up to the upcoming election cycle. While the consensus among panelists suggests a looming downturn, the team at All Chemical remains cautiously optimistic, leveraging our resilient service model to weather potential storms. This is my fourth election cycle at All Chemical, and I believe we’ll remain flat as we approach November, and everyone will likely experience a growth boom as we approach January 2025.

Next, I’m gearing up for the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) annual conference. As the Chair of the Chemical Committee, I’m committed to representing our community’s interests and fostering dialogue around critical issues shaping our industry’s future.

Continue to follow along as we navigate these uncharted waters, armed with insights, innovation, and our steadfast commitment to all-around excellence.