When in Doubt, Jim It Out: Innovation at All Chemical

We’re a bulk liquid transport company who puts a high focus on innovation. We strive for pioneer status among chemical trucking companies, and we’ve done so for the 45 years we’ve served in this industry. New technologies, ingenious problem-solving strategies, creative pivots and diversifications: we leverage them all so we can go above and beyond for our customers.

We’ve done this through the collective efforts of individual innovators and tireless team members—like Jim Notarfrancesco, our Director of Operations. His gift for ingenuity and perseverance gave rise to a catchphrase from one of our customers:


When in doubt, Jim it out!

Meet Jim

Jim’s been in the transportation industry for 39 years and counting. His driving career began in 1985, and after just a few short years, he moved into management and launched a terminal of his own. After a wave of career success, he served as Regional Operations Manager for several large organizations.

Then, in 2021, Jim joined our team at All Chemical as Director of Operations, heading up Trucking, Dispatch, Customer Service, Tank Wash, and Depot Operations.

Let’s just say: he fits right in. When it comes to exceptional business performance, you get the best results when you’re working with a team of like-minded people. With Jim, we couldn’t have asked for better.

He shares our company’s values: uncompromising safety standards, customer-centric service excellence, and a commitment to innovation among chemical trucking companies.

Already in the three years he’s spent with All Chemical, he’s organized dispatch operations, reorganized our tank wash protocols, elevated our customer service processes, and upheld compliance in waste handling, documentation, safety, and containment. (Under Jim’s leadership, All Chemical is at 100% secondary containment compliance!)

Innovation on the Ground

When you’re a chemical trucking company who prides themselves on undertaking the jobs others cannot, will not, or do not do, that calls for unprecedented levels of determination and ingenuity. Over and over, Jim rises to the challenge. Since All Chemical is a Kosher-certified carrier, Jim directs countless cross-country loads. Newark to Louisiana? No problem. Texas to Illinois? Houston to California? Jim is on the job.

Any single job is a constantly shifting landscape of factors: where is the load at each moment? Who’s taking it to the next checkpoint? Where is strategic equipment held, and who can access it? Miss one link in the chain, one crucial update, and the whole thing might go south.

Jim manages processes and systems to ensure accuracy, regularly updated information, and excellent intra-team communication. Our customers have come to rely on his cool head in a crisis; they know a call or text to Jim will soon result in a solution.

Putting Innovation into Action

So, what are Jim’s secrets to success, when it comes to keeping All Chemical a leader in innovation for our industry?

  • Know your customers. Jim can strategize and deliver great results precisely because of how well he knows our customers. He builds outstanding relationships with them so he has a handle on what they prefer, what they need, and what best supports them. Our Kosher customers might prefer certain tankers that never came out of Kosher service. Others might gravitate to a different type of trailer for their hauls. Whatever the need, Jim has it in mind. No wonder customers stay with All Chemical!
  • Unique equipment investments: He believes in the investment of equipment to better serve customers. More timid chemical trucking companies may not take the leap, but Jim knows it will pay off. Equipment investments allow the team to take on even more jobs that others won’t, can’t, or don’t.

When in Doubt, Jim It Out!

When you pair Jim with the rest of the All Chemical team, you get an unstoppable force of ingenuity! With his guidance, we can keep bringing innovative technology and processes to the table, providing our customers the unparalleled service that is synonymous with the All Chemical name.

So, don’t wait: give us a call today, and learn how our team can help you, too. And remember: When in doubt, Jim it out!