Increasing Productivity, Streamlining Processes, and Cutting Unnecessary Costs While Utilizing Existing Resources

Does the idea of enhancing your current performance without adding overhead appeal to you? Imagine being able to increase productivity, streamline processes, and cut unnecessary costs, all while utilizing your existing resources.

Because of All Chemical’s commitment to industry innovation in service to our customers, this isn’t a distant dream—it’s a tangible reality.

What Are Robotic Process Automation Technologies?

RPA is a user-friendly software technology designed to automate digital tasks, saving the labor that workers would otherwise have to expend on repetitive, time-consuming processes.

RPA technologies enable users to create software robots, also known as “bots,” that have the capability to learn, mimic, and execute rules-based business processes. These bots replicate the steps a human would follow, but in an automated format. Tasks that might take 8–12 hours a month for an employee to do manually are completed by the bot in a fraction of the time. Once set up, these bots run themselves, leaving workers free to direct their energy where it’s most needed.

Here at All Chemical, we’ve already set up 13 bots and counting, offloading repetitive tasks where accuracy is key. RPA technologies handle our accounts payable, our tolls violation processes, our batch order updates, our delivery expense reports, and more. We’ve already seen more than 80% improvement in turnaround time.

Now, automation is certainly a hot topic these days, but it’s crucial to set the proper structure and processes in place before jumping on any “shiny new tech” bandwagons. That’s why we proactively partnered with Poka-Yoke Solutions, an organization that excels in process documentation and system setup.

We knew our partners at Poka-Yoke Solutions had the know-how to ensure a smooth, accessible transition to RPA technologies, so that we could deliver reliable, consistent service offerings to you.


How Robotic Process Automation Benefits You

We embarked on the journey to adopt RPA technologies, not as a cost-cutting strategy for ourselves, but with the primary objective of enhancing value for you. Automating traditionally manual and time-consuming tasks delivers a host of benefits:

  • More accurate, timely, and insightful reporting.
  • Streamlined compliance.
  • Greater operational efficiency.
  • Reduction in errors.
  • Valuable business insights through data collection.
  • Reduction in costly work-hours.
  • Preservation of human capital.

And we’re excited to tell you about all this not just because you’re getting more streamlined, accurate, high-quality service from us. We’re excited because of what it might mean for you and your own company. Perhaps, like us, you’re looking to add process automation to your repertoire and leverage your current capabilities without adding overhead.

We use Nividous: a global intelligent automation company whose team helps identify and build out bots for those repetitive, costly tasks. Nividous walks you through set-up, ensuring that the automation is established to the degree of precision required. They’re there for the rollout, and they’re on hand for any troubleshooting afterward. We’ve partnered with them in implementing our RPA technologies, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the result.

To learn more, we invite you to watch the interview with our COO, Anthony Coruccini, for a more significant insight into the world of process automation.

At All Chemical, we’re committed to bringing you the best of innovation. Let’s redefine what’s possible together.