Flexibags: Expanding Our Service Capabilities at All Chemical

Did you know that there’s an even cheaper, yet effective shipping alternative to the versatile ISO container—and All Chemical has it?

In this third installment of our ISO container series, we’re talking about Flexibags, the groundbreaking new shipping technology that we here at All Chem offer to our customers.

By now, you’re familiar with our impressive ISO container services—those unsung heroes of chemical transportation—and such services are central to our success. Well, the Flexibag is like the icing on the cake of what we already offer. They’re cost-effective, readily available, and convenient, yet most bulk liquid transportation companies don’t offer this service to their customers.

It’s our feather in our cap that we provide this service!

The Flexibag Advantage: A Customer’s Story

Recently, a customer approached us with a Flexibag transloading opportunity. Now, at All Chemical, we live by the motto, “There’s nothing we cannot, will not, or do not do for our customers.” So, our team jumped at the chance to help this customer out!

When we arrived on the scene, the customer’s product (coconut oil) was essentially hard as rock, yet it needed to be transloaded—that is, moved from one method of transport to another in the course of shipping. We put our heads together and came up with a plan.

To prepare the oil for transloading, we knew we’d need to set up a heating system. Now, ISO containers have temperature gauges; Flexibags do not. But because of our Flexibag expertise, we knew we could utilize our in-house laser system to troubleshoot and test our way to achieving the product’s required temperature.

Sure enough, it worked! We carefully brought the oil to the exact right temperature to reduce viscosity enough for transloading. Then, we backed up the trailer, hooking a 3-inch-wide hose from the Flexibag bladder to the trailer itself.

From there, it was a matter of throwing the system in reverse, opening the dome lid on the tank, and drawing the oil out until we had a flat bag of product. We could then put the tanker on heat and send it out for delivery, washing and steaming the original trailer to prepare it for its next load.

Another job well done—and another satisfied customer!

Why Flexibags?

As the customer testimonial shows, Flexibags (also called “flexitanks”) do involve a slightly more complex process than typical ISO containers. But they’re more than worth the effort!

Each 20-foot Flexibag has framing around it so the container can be stacked and shipped with ease, but because of its simple construction, these containers tend to be less expensive—and more readily available—than ISO containers.

We offer our customers Flexibag options because versatility is key, in our ever-changing industry. We know that the power to pivot is the power to survive and thrive, for us and for our valued customers.

Flexibags are an important part of that. These innovative containers offer unique benefits:

  • When the ISO and importing business is skyrocketing, customers often struggle to keep shipping schedules on track, as ISO containers are leased out at rapid rates and availability plummets. As a relatively new technology, Flexibags can fill the gap.
  • Leasing and shipping costs for traditional ISO containers skyrocket sometimes, too. When this happens, Flexibags are a cheaper solution, without sacrificing safety.
  • Even when markets aren’t in flux, Flexibags still represent a streamlined option for transport. Because of materials and regulations, ISO container leasing is more complicated. The Flexibag route can mean less headache for you, the customer.

At All Chemical, we’re constantly innovating and exploring the newest technologies to give our customers the above-and-beyond services we’re known for. For us, adding Flexibag offerings was a no-brainer. As other carriers hung back, slow to adopt this emerging method of shipping, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

With our trademark safety and compliance standards at the helm, we’re proud to give our customers the pivot power the Flexibag option presents. If the market takes a turn, we’re prepared. And with us on your side, so are you!

Q & A: All About Flexibags

If you’re wondering whether Flexibags might be right for your needs, let us answer a few common questions about this versatile shipping option.

What materials can Flexibags haul?

All non-hazardous materials. Currently, for the transport of hazardous materials, ISO containers are still the industry required standard, due to safety and secondary containment concerns.

What chemicals are best for Flexibags?

Though Flexibags can accommodate a wide range of products, we recommend less viscous materials, since lower viscosity makes the product easier to pump out. As befits our “nothing we can’t, won’t, or don’t do” motto, however, we still work with such loads when needed, using steam regulators to adjust to differing PSIs, slowing the pressure to ensure less strain on the bag itself.

What secondary containment procedures do Flexibags require?

Secondary containment standards are the same for Flexibags as they are for ISO containers. Despite knowing this, most competitors avoid working with Flexibags for fear of secondary containment issues.

Thanks to our 100% secondary containment compliance through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), our team and our customers can rest easy! We bring our high safety standards to the table with Flexibags as with everything we do, using our thorough, tried-and-true DPCC plan (Discharge Prevention, Containment, Countermeasure).

What do you foresee in the use of Flexibags for liquid transportation and transloading with All Chemical?

Bottom line, our Flexibag service offerings give us a competitive edge that directly benefits our customers. Already in this industry, transloading services are hard to come by, and they’re often a multi-vendor hassle at best.

As hard as that process is for ISO containers when working with other carriers, it’s 3 times harder with Flexibags, because most carriers simply don’t have the expertise and familiarity with this new and innovative technology. As an All Chemical customer, you’re covered! We can load, transload, transport, wash, steam, and store—no matter the container you’re using.

Flexibags, ISO containers, all-in-one steam and wash services, transloading, and storage: our ever-growing array of offerings give us the ability to handle any and all your needs.

Contact us today and discover for yourself the peace of mind that comes with using All Chemical for one-stop-shop bulk liquid transportation!