How All Chemical Can Help You with Your Water Treatment Needs This Summer

Heavy Rains and Fluctuating Temperatures Often Impact Water’s Biological and Chemical Properties

The summer months bring plenty of changes. School lets out, lawns need mowing, and mosquitos emerge to torment us all once more. For some of our customers, the summer months are when water treatment becomes an urgent need—and as an accomplished liquid bulk transportation company,  All Chemical is here to help.

Our Expertise Handling Water Treatment Products

With our extensive experience handling products specific to water treatment, All Chemical’s bulk tanker carriers can deliver the loads you need safely and right on time. Whether you’ve hired us to haul to a private facility, a municipal water authority, or a wastewater treatment center, you can feel confident that we have the resources available, and the know-how to deliver to you—fast.

Our customers know they can rely on us for many reasons. Importantly, we own and maintain our own bulk tanker carrier fleet. In addition to our over 250 stainless steel tankers, we also have 35 FRP trailers and 5 innovative CFRP tankers by Omni Tanker. These tanks are used to transport corrosive materials used in water treatment.

This gives us an edge as a liquid bulk transportation company, providing our customers streamlined services for a variety of projects. Our fleet has extensive experience transporting many of the highest-demand water treatment agents, including but not limited to:

  • Bleach
  • Caustic
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Ferric Chloride
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Fluorosilicic Acid

Why Summer Makes Challenges for Water Treatment

Summer isn’t the only time we’re hauling treatment agents for our customers. Water treatment happens year-round, which means our bulk tanker carriers are hauling the needed agents year-round, too.

But in the summer, the demand for treatment agents skyrockets: meaning less-prepared, less-experienced carriers might saddle you with shipping delays and facility shutdowns. If other liquid bulk transportation companies can’t deliver, All Chemical has the capacity to take on those last-minute, late afternoon, or even weekend orders.

Why the skyrocketing demand in summer? Because water treatment is all about managing biological and chemical changes, and these changes are temperature-dependent. Just like the heat brings the mosquitos back, the summer temperatures make chemical reactions speed up, necessitating more frequent water treatments.

That’s why All Chemical’s timely services are so important to have on your side in the summer months. With our expertise and forethought, we work with our customers to plan for their facility’s needs. We can be relied on to get the necessary chemicals to where they are needed, when they are needed.

So, don’t wait until a summer shipment delay has you panicking.

Give us a call, and sit back and enjoy the summer while we handle your ongoing water treatment needs with competence, timeliness, and ease.

And maybe buy a citronella candle, while you’re at it. (Mosquitos aren’t really our department.)

Bulk Chemical Shipping: Avoid “Multi-Vendor Syndrome” and Have All Chemical Haul It

How All Chemical Hauls Customer Loads

By Anthony Coruccini, Chief Operating Officer

When you’re looking for a carrier to handle your bulk chemical shipping needs, do you fall prey to “multi-vendor syndrome”? In this industry, we see it all the time: customers contracting with several carriers to cover all their bases. They may end up losing time and money juggling multiple vendor relationships, invoices, and unnecessary transfers of product.

But “multi-vendor syndrome” is 100% preventable. Just ask our customers here at All Chemical, where our portfolio includes top Fortune 500 companies in water, power, and pharmaceuticals.

“They are able to handle our loads with absolute proficiency and superb customer service. Because of their wonderful team, our organization is held in the highest regards by our customers. Their vast industry knowledge gives us peace of mind the moment they take load possession.” 

–Logistics coordinator

We give our customers the full-service treatment, managing every aspect of their chemical transportation needs: loading, delivery, storage, washing, and equipment servicing. And we can do that for you, too. 

Bulk Chemical Shipping at All Chemical

As a full-service bulk liquid transportation company, our liquid bulk tankers can handle a broad range of loads. This incredible load capacity array is one of the standouts that keeps customers returning year after year. 

  • We’re experts in hauling for power, water, and pharmaceuticals, plus we haul loads from every category of the US bulk chemical shipping industry.
  • Our intermodal fleet means we’re equipped for safe hauling most chemicals such as hazardous, non-hazardous, specialty, inorganic, and organic. 
  • We service customers in the Northeast Corridor and east of the Mississippi, with capacity to ship throughout the continental US and parts of Canada. 

Say Goodbye to Multi-Vendor Syndrome

Life’s stressful enough without adding more for you to manage. All Chemical has the capacity, flexibility, and the expertise to serve you.  

Contact our team today to get a quote for your bulk chemical shipping needs and start breathing easy—we’ve got you covered.

Roadside Blitz: Why All Chemical’s Drivers Are Safer from Inspections

Roadside Blitz: Why All Chemical’s Drivers Are Safer from Inspections

By Anthony Coruccini, Chief Operating Officer

May is a busy month for trucking transportation. In May, we see seasonality changes, increased rainfall-related hazards, higher traffic volumes, and vacations starting. And in addition, May brings the “roadside blitz”: a 72-hour mid-month period when Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspectors stop commercial truckers for a commercial truck safety inspection. These roadside inspections can mean delays for shipments.

The good news is, as a customer of All Chemical, we’ve got you covered. We continuously review our fleet of newer tractors and trailers for compliance and safety, and our stellar safety record allows agencies to pass us through without an inspection. Because we’re proactive in protecting your interests, you’ll enjoy greater protection from these delays.

How Inspections Work

A roadside commercial truck safety inspection is the primary way the DOT ensures that commercial vehicles, drivers, and carriers are operating safely. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) conducts roughly 2.5 to 3.5 million of these inspections per year in North America. A typical inspection stop can last 30 minutes or more, resulting in delivery delays (especially if the inspector finds any violations that require servicing).

That’s why this issue is top of our mind here at All Chemical this time of year. We believe in delivering as streamlined a process as possible for our customers. Where other companies might just cross their fingers and hope for the best, we take concrete actions to avoid the need for inspection stops in the first place.

Preventing Delays with Our High Safety Standards

Our high safety standards at All Chemical are a byword, all year round. Customers know that our commitment to quality control regularly exceeds the minimum requirements in our industry. We don’t wait until an agent with a checklist is looking over our shoulder; we’re already ten steps ahead.

But for targeted inspections, we take it even further. The CVSA publicizes what vehicle safety issues they are looking for, and we study these thoroughly ahead of time so we can ensure all our drivers and vehicles are in compliance. This year, the focus is on Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and cargo securement.

As a result, our trucking transportation drivers are frequently waved through by inspectors precisely because of our established safety record. Usually, All Chemical drivers can go right past the roadside scale house where inspections take place, while drivers with other carriers are tied up in lengthy inspections procedures. Our Inspection Systems (ISS) Score ranges from 35–40, which means we’re operating at a safety standard that is higher than 65% of the trucking industry.

In addition, these roadside inspections tend to target certain areas on routes. Our familiarity with these specific areas means that our drivers are less likely to be stopped.

So, for this year’s “roadside blitz,” you can rest easy knowing that All Chemical is on the job, proactively protecting your interests and keeping the risk of shipment delays low.

Talk to our team today about your ongoing needs and how we can best serve you!

How We Protect You from Post-Pandemic Truck Driver Shortages

All Chemical hires more experienced, highly-trained truck drivers in it for the long haul

By Anthony Coruccini, Chief Operating Officer

We can all agree that the pandemic brought plenty of upheaval. Since 2019, industries of all kinds have been struggling to recover, and bulk liquid transport is no different. But although post-pandemic truck driver shortages aren’t going away anytime soon, here at All Chemical, our valued customers enjoy greater protection from those effects.

Why? Because of the high-quality CDL truck drivers we employ and how well we treat them. All Chemical has a long history of commitment to our team that is paying dividends now—and we pass along those benefits to you.

Let’s be honest: truck driver turnover was a problem in the industry even before the pandemic. But where other carriers deal with high turnover and low driver retention rates, at All Chemical, we’ve built a team of truck drivers who are in it for the long haul. 

As a family-owned and operated company, we know how to treat truck drivers as people, not robots. Owning and maintaining our fleet in-house means that our truck drivers take pride in operating our newer, well-serviced, reliable tankers. The numbers speak for themselves: While the industry average turnover rate hovers in the 80–90% range, All Chemical’s rate over the past twelve months was only around 5%. Our total value proposition—competitive pay, healthcare, and retirement benefits—leads to truck drivers as dedicated to us as we are to them. And that means stability for you, the customer.

Employing more experienced, rigorously trained truck drivers gives us a team of highly committed truck drivers who are less likely to leave. Because we ship tankers, we require skilled truck drivers with specialized knowledge who have mastered the Hazmat hauling regulations and load handling requirements the job demands. Time and again, our CDL truck drivers prove their worth as they face route and load challenges that would stump the less experienced. They run routes for consistent customers, becoming experts in the exact handling restrictions involved, and delivering increasingly exceptional results.

These are truck drivers invested in their careers, committed to maintaining safety in all facets of their day. They’re devoted to their work, and we’re devoted to them. In times of upheaval, our team stays strong. And from that position of strength, we can continue to deliver the reliable, one-stop-shop services our valued customers know to expect from the team here at All Chemical.

When you need a carrier you can trust to get the job done right—and done safely—All Chemical is the one to call. Contact us today and discover how we can help with your project.