2023: A Year of Growth at All Chemical

Year’s end brings reflection. We’re taking the opportunity to reflect upon what the year brought us—and to envision what’s ahead.

Here at All Chemical, we’re always busy, upholding our high standards and developing innovations that will enable us to provide our customers with increasingly excellent service. Yet now and then, we like to pause in retrospection. In addition to our 45th anniversary milestone this past November, it’s been a busy year at All Chemical’s HQ!

Accomplishments of 2023

Our Lakewood headquarters was filled with activity this year as we undertook major expansion projects. The goal? To drastically increase our wash rack, storage, and processing capacity, so we can better serve you! Talking numbers, this means:

  • 2 added wash rack bays
  • An improved wastewater treatment filtration system
  • 16 additional steam stations
  • 4 new ISO container storage pads

We are near completion on all our proposed projects, which has us excited and optimistic as we look to the coming year.

2 Additional Wash Bays

The roof overhang will be installed within the coming weeks. Our wash types:

  • Standard chemical
  • Diesel
  • Specialized for heavy, oil-based products
  • Food grade
  • Kosher-certified: Standard wash, tank upgrade and maintenance
  • Re-Kosherization


Wastewater Treatment Facility

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this maintains 100% compliance with the NJDEP (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection).


16 Additional Steam Stations

In addition to our overall expertise, we boast these unique options:

  • Low and high pressure capabilities
  • Steam-regulating capabilities
  • Hot water heating
  • Capability to put 50+ containers out on a steam
  • Redundancy with two independent steam boilers
  • 24/7/365 On-call boiler maintenance to fix an issue immediately
  • 24/7 monitoring with fixed interval monitoring as required by the customer


4 New ISO Container Storage Pads

We have the capacity, redundancy, and resources to pick up and deliver your container, and provide long-term storage.


Even better, we achieved these goals while remaining 100% operational. While expanding our wash bays and wastewater facilities, we utilized 3 roof overhangs to address the issue of secondary containment. Installing these overhangs extended the longevity of our systems and our technology—all while making it possible for us to continue servicing our full customer base without interruption.

And we didn’t just do this in the arena of construction and expansion. We took our passion for improvement into other technological systems and processes at All Chemical this year.

Our customers know us as innovators who constantly bring them the best that’s on offer in this industry. In 2023, we reached a new level of technological efficiency, fully digitizing our wash rack and steam informational systems. Not only did this boost efficiency, but it also increased our transparency, reduced redundancy issues, and further streamlined our service processes—a win for all concerned!

Finally, taking care of our team is always forefront in our minds, and 2023 was no exception to this. We set goals for ourselves to improve several internal systems and launch initiatives that would improve our already high-quality company culture. In short, our team is incredible, and we know it. Not for a moment do we lose sight of the fact that our people are integral to our success.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Several projects and goals have us enthusiastic as we plan for the coming year. Chief among them is our goal of garnering recognition as a Responsible Distribution member with the Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD).

The ACD Responsible Distribution program is a well-respected name in this industry, providing a comprehensive set of security, health, safety, environmental, and sustainability standards for players in the bulk liquid transportation game. Their guidelines and framework align with our own company values for transparency, stellar communication, and upholding the highest safety standards.

With dips in the last handful of years, the market is inching upward once again, and we at All Chemical are attuned as ever to our customers’ needs, responding and pivoting as the situation requires. In 2024, we’ll be holding to our motto, “There’s nothing we cannot, will not, or do not do for our customers!”

What It’s All About

So, as we approach the end of 2023, what do we most want our current and prospective customers to know?

We care.

We’re not some huge, faceless corporation to whom clients are numbers and all that matters is the bottom line. At All Chemical, we pour our attention and passion into each customer’s order, with great concern for what your service experience is like with us—from the point of first contact through each shipment we complete.

At the other end of every email, every phone call, is a real person on the All Chemical team who genuinely cares about your needs. We put our full effort into each account and every single order we fulfill. And we’re constantly attending to quality: taking to heart whenever something goes awry and putting tremendous energy into improvement.

That’s why, as we enter 2024, we invite you to contact us here at All Chemical when it comes time to tackle your bulk liquid transport needs, and learn for yourself the benefits of working with a customer-centric company like us.