On-Demand Special Water Effects for the Entertainment Industry

Ever see rain in a movie, TV show, or commercial and wonder how lucky they were that it rained just at the right time during shooting? Well, it didn’t. They used special water effects.

Aqua Effects has been providing temperature-controlled, on-demand water effects to the entertainment industry since 1981. We can create the effect of downpours, waterfalls, waves and more, and transport heated water to movie and TV sets for use in hot tubs and pools.

Have you seen our special water effects in action?

  • Water being pumped into the USS Intrepid when it was docked so plumbing could function
  • The women of Sex and the City walking through Manhattan in the pouring rain
  • Jimmy Fallon and guests jumping into a pool on the Tonight Show
  • Automotive commercials with cars sliding through water and rain.

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